Gavel’s Mission

Our mission is to empower you—whether an individual or business—to navigate small claims court with more knowledge and confidence, so you represent your best self in court.

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In the Beginning

It was a classic day in small claims court. Attorney Steven Lefkoff was in the courtroom, waiting for his client’s trial, and was watching two people representing themselves. In the end, the plaintiff should have won, but the plaintiff lost because they did not know the rules of the court or how to conduct a trial.

It was at this moment that Mr. Lefkoff realized something: Small claims court is designed for the people—but the people don’t know how to use it.

Our Purpose

Simply, our goal is to help you be better prepared to pursue justice.

Providing the litigant—you—with the necessary information and knowledge of the court process, procedures, and rules to achieve a better chance for success in small claims court.

How Gavel Works

It’s pretty simple. You choose the course package that’s best for you—whether it’s Pre-Trial, Trial, Post-Trial, or all three—and you’ll have access to up to 70+ video lessons, links to documents and forms, 180-day access to the content, and more. When you’re finished, you’ll be well-informed and better able to represent yourself in Georgia’s Magistrate Courts.

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